Monarch Dental & Orthodontics - Mesquite - Reveal Clear Aligners | ie
Monarch Dental & Orthodontics - Mesquite - Reveal Clear Aligners | ie
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Monarch Dental & Orthodontics – Mesquite Orthodontic Specialist

Tier Level: Group Practice

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Dr. Anas Athar

(972) 270-6646

3501 Towne Crossing Boulevard, Mesquite, TX 75150



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At Monarch Dental, we know just how important that grin is to your overall health and quality of life, so we provide you and your family with comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages, at all stages of life. If you are interesting in clear aligners for you or your teen, visit our website to make an appointment today. Clear Aligners are an alternative to braces that have been increasing in popularity, especially among self-conscious teen and adults who want to maintain a professional appearance while straightening their teeth. This orthodontic treatment is a series of clear, plastic trays (aligners) that fit over your teeth and slowly shift them into place. Nobody will see the aligners on your teeth unless they are looking very closely.  Call us today!